27 Satisfying Cottage Cheese Recipes (2024)

27 Satisfying Cottage Cheese Recipes (1)Share on Pinterest

It has suffered long enough from a bad reputation as an ’80s diet food. Guess what? Mom was right. Cottage cheese is super healthy, packed with protein, calcium, vitamin B-12, and selenium.

Even better, it’s a versatile ingredient that can make everything from lasagna to desserts taste better. Mildly tangy, acidic, and naturally low in fat, it’s a fresh cheese of curds packed with some of the whey.

We ignore any calls for low fat or fat free dairy in these recipes. Regular cottage cheese, as it’s called, naturally has 4 percent milk fat. It comes in large and small curd varieties. Small curd has 25 grams of protein per cup, and large curd has 23 grams.

So forget those old-school diet meals with that scoop o’ cottage cheese and cantaloupe (though, admittedly, it’s a delicious combo). Here are 24 recipes that bring cottage cheese up to date.

1. Cottage cheese lasagna

Swap in cottage cheese for the ricotta and keep the awesome layers of ground beef, spicy sausage, tomato sauce, and pasta. Getting hungry?

2. Vegetarian cottage cheese lasagna

Loaded with colorful, healthy vegetables, this lasagna doesn’t hold back on the creamy goodness, with cottage cheese and mozzarella oozing between sheets of pasta. Do yourself a favor and use no-boil lasagna noodles.

3. Gluten-free cottage cheese lasagna

This recipe feeds a crowd (12 to 15 servings) or provides lots of future frozen dinners. Gluten-free noodles (you could sub wide zoodles) bake in layers of zesty homemade tomato sauce and four kinds of cheese.

4. Strawberry cottage cheese cake

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This one-bowl cake is gluten-free baking done right. A batter of cottage cheese, coconut flour, eggs, and milk is studded with sliced strawberries.

We take a few liberties with this recipe, replacing the low fat milk with whole. We slice the strawberries lengthwise for a prettier shape.

5. Double chocolate cottage cheese cookies

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These cookies look and taste like any other chewy chocolate treats, but they pack in 1/2 cup of protein-rich cottage cheese. Chocolate chips sweeten the cocoa-rich cookies, and oat flour keeps them gluten-free.

6. Healthy cheesecake

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Cottage cheese and Greek yogurt (we use whole-milk varieties) blend into a rich batter flavored with classic lemon zest and vanilla. Sweet and creamy, it’s everything a cheesecake should be. Top with granola for crunch.

7. Strawberry raspberry cream pops

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These hot-pink frozen treats get their creamy texture from cottage cheese. And kids will never know it because the sweet flavor of strawberries and raspberries, accented with honey, is so spot-on.

We call that sneaky genius.

8. Chocolate chip cookie dough protein bars

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These bars use every healthier ingredient sub in the book, including chickpeas, dates, oat bran, and yes, our new best friend, cottage cheese. And they taste amazing. Good-for-you dessert that tastes good: win-win!

9. Strawberry cottage cheese mini muffins

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A platter of these mini cakes stands out on the dessert buffet. They’re bursting with fresh strawberries, flavored with orange juice, and hiding protein-rich cottage cheese. And they’re cute — especially if you get creative with icing.

We replace the canola oil with coconut oil. The white flour in this recipe helps the little cakes rise in the oven, creating a light texture.

10. Protein cheesecake mousse

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If you don’t have the patience to wait for a cheesecake to bake (we don’t blame you), go for this 5-minute version instead. With cocoa and protein powder blended with cottage cheese, it’s anything but traditional.

11. Strawberry cheesecake overnight oats

Cheesecake for breakfast? We’re in. Prep the night before to make two jars of protein-rich, strawberry-sweet goodness. It takes just four ingredients and 5 minutes to make.

Grab it from the fridge, stick it in your (and your S.O.’s) bag, and take it along on the car/subway/train ride to your desk.

12. Fruit salad tacos with honey-whipped cottage cheese

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Fact: Everything is better in taco form. Proof: this recipe. Whip cottage cheese into a creamy orange-honey filling to spread into a warm tortilla and top with fruit salsa.

13. High protein gluten-free blender pancakes

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Oats, banana, and cottage cheese are the main ingredients in these light, fluffy, cinnamon-scented pancakes. All you’ve gotta do is toss everything in the blender and then cook ’em up 1/4 cup at a time.

14. Healthy breakfast banana split

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Once you drizzle an all-fruit jam (or dark chocolate) over cottage cheese and sprinkle on some crunchy granola and nuts, this banana split starts to look like the real deal. And it’s just as much fun to eat.

15. Cottage cheese and tomato on baguette breakfast

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Crusty bread. Creamy cheese. Juicy tomatoes. Fruity olive oil. NOM.

16. Summer melon protein parfait

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Switch up the usual parfait with cottage cheese instead of yogurt. This three-ingredient parfait features melon, but you can use it as a template and sub in fruits that are in season (or frozen).

17. Raspberry and blueberry oaty breakfast bars

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Cottage cheese gives these oat bars a light texture and a protein boost. Studded with sweet, juicy berries and crunchy pumpkin seeds, these babies are an awesome make-ahead, grab-and-go breakfast.

18. Sweet potato fajita cottage cheese bowls

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Pile fajita veggies on top of cottage cheese to dramatically amp up the protein count without meat. Sweet potatoes, red and green bell peppers, and onions seasoned with fajita powder get an extra boost of flavor from salsa.

19. Green power protein salad

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We looked up “nutrition” in a dictionary, and we swear a picture of this salad showed up. Think we’re exaggerating? It’s bursting with greens, lentils, nuts, seeds, and our friend cottage cheese.

It’s energizing, tasty, and satisfying — a total veggie love fest.

20. Low carb spanakopita cottage cheese and egg casserole

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Can’t find phyllo or simply want to keep the carb count low? Ditch it. Just keep the filling, featuring the Greek flavors of garlicky spinach, feta, and dill. Cottage cheese adds creaminess to this grain-free twist on tradition.

21. Easy guacamole tostadas with added protein

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Blend cottage cheese with lime, cilantro, cumin, and cayenne for an alternative to sour cream. The blogger stirs it into mashed avocado. We like to use it as a topping for the guac.

22. California cottage cheese bowl

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Keep things simple, tasty, and quick with this straightforward lunch.

23. Waldorf salad with cottage cheese

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Speaking of retro recipes, this eternal favorite proves that some things never get old, but they can get better. Here, cottage cheese takes the place of the mayo that binds the apples, celery, raisins, and walnuts.

24. Cottage cheese egg salad

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Cottage cheese subs for mayo, adding a boost of calcium and protein to this new version of an old favorite. Mustard and dill add familiar egg salad flavors. (We use spicy whole-grain mustard and fresh dill.)

Whether it’s a quick lunch straight out of the container (just add avocado and cherry tomato) or the secret ingredient in a dessert, cottage cheese is more awesome than you might have thought.

It adds protein and calcium to breakfast, lunch, dinner (lasagna… *drool*), and dessert. And come on, you know you’re starting to really dig that mild, tangy flavor.

27 Satisfying Cottage Cheese Recipes (2024)


What can I add to cottage cheese to make it taste better? ›

  1. Veggies. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, and avocado: pretty much whatever suits your fancy. And a drizzle of olive oil.
  2. Seeds and nuts. Stir in your favorites together or separately.
  3. Grains. Quinoa, anyone?
  4. Salsa. You decide: mild, medium or hot! Or try hot sauce.
  5. Eggs. Plus salt and pepper.
  6. Crumbled bacon. Yum!

Is cottage cheese actually healthy? ›

Cottage cheese is high in protein and is an excellent source of calcium. Choosing a low-fat cottage cheese can reduce saturated fat intake when substituting it for other higher fat foods, such as cream cheese, sour cream, mayonnaise or ricotta cheese. It's also full of vitamins and minerals that support a healthy diet.

How much cottage cheese should I eat a day? ›

Can you have too much protein? “I would consider limiting cottage cheese intake to 1 cup per day to allow for nutrient variety,” Voelkers advises.

What can I eat with cottage cheese for weight loss? ›

Healthy ways to enjoy cottage cheese

You can cut calories and fat from your diet and promote healthy weight loss by substituting cottage cheese for other foods. Here are some suggestions: Add cottage cheese to your morning smoothie. Top cottage cheese with fresh berries, mango, or pineapple for a healthy snack.

Is it OK to eat cottage cheese every day? ›

While it is safe for most people to eat cottage cheese every day, it should not be consumed to the extent that you exclude other food groups. Also, some types of cottage cheese contain high amounts of sodium and/or sugar.

What spice is good in cottage cheese? ›

Combine the cottage cheese, dill, tarragon, chives, salt and white pepper in a small bowl. Spread about 1/4 cup of the cottage cheese mixture on each slice of warm toast.

What is the 30 30 30 rule? ›

The 30-30-30 rule is simple. It involves eating 30 grams of protein within the first 30 minutes after you wake up, which is then followed by 30 minutes of exercise. You can eat whatever else you want with your breakfast, but the 30 grams of protein is key.

What is the healthiest brand of cottage cheese? ›

  • Best Overall Cottage Cheese: Good Culture Double Cream Classic Cottage Cheese. Courtesy of Brand. ...
  • Best Low-Fat Cottage Cheese: Good Culture Low-Fat Classic Cottage Cheese. ...
  • Best Full-Fat Cottage Cheese: Westby Small Curd 4% Organic Cottage Cheese. ...
  • Best No-Salt-Added Cottage Cheese: Hood No Salt Added Low Fat Cottage Cheese.
May 22, 2023

Which is healthier yogurt or cottage cheese? ›

So far, these two high-protein snacks are neck in neck when considering protein, calcium and calories. But one clear distinction steers the choice: Cottage cheese can be loaded with sodium. Just 1 cup of cottage cheese can deliver 8 to 9 times the sodium found in Greek yogurt.

What is the best time to eat cottage cheese? ›

Due to the slow absorption of casein, some bodybuilders like to eat cottage cheese before bed. This leads to a sustained release of amino acids into the blood and muscles during the night, which may reduce muscle breakdown ( 18 ).

Why am I craving cottage cheese? ›

Ooey gooey Cheese — and other types of dairy — cravings may mean that your body is in need of more Vitamin A or D (most of us have a Vitamin D deficiency, after all). But it's more likely that you just need a mood boost.

Is there such thing as eating too much cottage cheese? ›

He said that while most cheese, including cottage cheese, contains nutrients such as vitamins and calcium, it can also have high levels of sodium and fat, so he recommends eating it in moderation.

What pairs with cottage cheese? ›

Pair It. Cottage cheese with fruit can make an easy and quick breakfast or snack. Pair with fresh or frozen strawberries, blueberries, peaches or pineapple! Top your bowl of cottage cheese with sliced almonds or granola for some added crunch.

Can you lose weight by eating cottage cheese before bed? ›

Eating cottage cheese before bed may aid in weight loss due to its high protein content, slow digestion, muscle-preserving effects, and calcium content. However, weight loss is influenced by overall calorie intake and expenditure, so cottage cheese should be consumed in moderation as part of a balanced diet.

Can you make cottage cheese taste like cream cheese? ›

To make up for this fat deficit, mix one cup of heavy cream with one cup of strained cottage cheese to replicate the richness of one cup of cream cheese. Half and half will also work in a pinch, but heavy cream should be your go-to.

How do you make cottage cheese taste better without salt? ›

Berries and other drippier fruits, like pineapple or peaches, blend beautifully with the sour taste of the cottage cheese.

How do you fix bitter cottage cheese? ›


Add a little extra salt, stir, and try to get some more whey out. If you happen to have a cheese press, give it a shot here. Wrap your cheese (even if it's soft) in a cheesecloth and press at 10 pounds of pressure for 15 minutes. Then taste again.

How do bodybuilders eat cottage cheese? ›

Due to the slow absorption of casein, some bodybuilders like to eat cottage cheese before bed. This leads to a sustained release of amino acids into the blood and muscles during the night, which may reduce muscle breakdown ( 18 ).

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