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While taking on tough bosses or out-running PKers is an awesome way to take in the Old School RuneScape experience, sometimes players want to take a step back and train some of the more peaceful skills in the game.

Cooking is one of the oldest skills in the game, allowing players to properly prepare and cook food to either sell to other players or eat during combat to heal. Thankfully, training Cooking is a straight forward process: place raw food on a heat source for a chance to either successfully cook or burn it.

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But when it comes to reaching Cooking mastery, what does it take to earn yourself the associated skillcape? Here, we will discuss the most efficient ways and training methods to reach 99 Cooking in Old School RuneScape!

The most efficient training methods for 99 Cooking in OSRS include cooking the different fish that can be caught in Gielino, tick manipulation when cooking Karambwans for high-effort/high-experience rates, and making Jugs of Wine starting at 35 Cooking.

Table of Contents

  • Best Way to Reach 99 Cooking in OSRS
    • Levels 1-99: Cooking Fish
    • Levels 30+: Cooking Karambwans
    • Levels 35+: Making Jugs of Wine
  • Other Things To Consider
  • Obtaining the Cooking Skillcape

Best Way to Reach 99 Cooking in OSRS

Cooking is one of those skills that everybody enjoys training. Its relaxing and profitable combination makes it a staple to the Old School RuneScape community.

Levels 1-99: Cooking Fish

Even when cooking the various fish of Old School RuneScape, they still provide a healthy balance of decent experience rates and profit.

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Different Fish To Cook:

LevelsFishEstimated Experience Rates
1Shrimp, Sardines24k per hour
15Trout50k per hour
25Salmon60k per hour
30Tuna85k per hour
40Lobsters130k per hour
45Swordfish150k per hour
62Monkfish (Requires completion of “Swan Song” Quest)160k per hour
80Shark250k per hour
84Anglerfish300k per hour

As I mentioned, most of the fish available to cook are profitable, with everything beyond Lobsters earning players nearly 300k-700k gp per hour if they are utilizing Cooking gauntlets.

Levels 30+: Cooking Karambwans

Last time we mentioned Karambwans, we discussed how they can earn you nearly 300k gp per hour. Starting at 30 Cooking, you can also cook them for great experience rates and profit.

To cook Karambwans, you first need to complete the “Tai Bwo Wannai Trio” quest, which also requires 15 Agility and 5 Fishing.

Thankfully, these are relatively low requirements for what can be described as one of the fastest training methods in the entire game.

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Karambwans fall under an item category that is able to be tick manipulated, meaning other than cooking them normally, you can manipulate the game’s engine to earn you three times the amount of experience you normally would per hour.

Without getting too technical, tick manipulation is the act of clicking in alignment with Old School RuneScape’s game engine, which updates every 0.6 seconds.

This forces an action to complete quicker, bypassing any unneeded animations.

This is not exclusive to cooking, as tick manipulation is used for a variety of reasons, from mining granite to prayer flicking.

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To tick manipulate Karambwans, hold down thespace bar (the option to cook them when the menu pops up) and repeatedly spam between a Raw Karambwan and your cooking source to instantly cook them.

When cooking Karambwans normally (using them on a range), starting at 30 Cooking, you can earn around 150k Cooking exp and 270k gp per hour. This caps to around 260k Cooking exp and 400k gp per hour at 90 Cooking.

If you are using tick manipulation, your experience rates and profit nearly triple to 450k Cooking exp and 600k gp per hour at 30 Cooking, eventually reaching 900k Cooking exp and 1.2m gp per hour at 90 Cooking.

This means you can theoretically get 99 Cooking in a single day if you do tick manipulation.

Levels 35+: Making Jugs of Wine

At 35 Cooking, players will be able to make Jugs of Wine. While doing this method is a bit more click-intensive than we have previously covered, it offers great experience rates and involves a unique item property.

You only need to add Grapes to Jugs of Water to make a Jug of Wine.

Similar to training Herblore, the process to train it is to withdraw 14 Grapes and 14 Jugs of Water from a bank, use the Grapes on the Jugs (you should see a menu pop-up to have them casually made), deposit, and repeat.

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As you add the Grapes to the Jugs of Water, you won’t get the experience right away, as the Unfermented Wines will ferment (even in the bank) after 12 seconds, granting you 200 Cooking exp per successful Wine.

After 68 Cooking, you stop failing the fermentation process.

However, if you start another batch of making Jugs of Wine, the timer will stall, which also keeps the experience from triggering.

Knowing this, players will continue to make batches of wine in succession, piling all the experience they earned until they stop, giving themselves a massive experience drop at the end.

This is one of the few methods where a player can (for example) go from levels 60 to 99 Cooking in half a second because they have been brewing Jugs of Wine for so long without letting the timer run out, allowing the experience to pile up and hit them at the same time.

While this does not change the amount of experience you get per hour, it is still fun to experience for yourself.

Making Jugs of Wine will earn a player around 450k Cooking exp per hour. However, there is a slight loss in profit from doing this method.

Other Things To Consider

When training your Cooking level, there are other items of consideration that can help aid you on your journey to 99 Cooking.

Best Locations to Cook

In the past, we have created a guide to the best cooking locations in Old School RuneScape. Here, we are going to go through this list again, giving emphasis to the locations you should consider Cooking at first.

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While making your own fire and cooking food wherever you want may be tempting, you don’t want to interrupt your Cooking training to remake your fire every five minutes.

Also, cooking at a range decreases the chance of burning your food than cooking on a regular fire.

Therefore, there are three places that we will recommend first:

Hosidius Kitchen Range

  • Requires 100% Hosidius Favour to Utilize
  • Reduces the Burn Rate by 5%
  • 6 Tiles from a Bank

Myth’s Guild Range

  • Requires completion of the “Dragon Slayer II” quest.
  • Able to stand on the same tile next to the range and bank chest.

Rogues’ Den Fire

  • No requirements to use/access.
  • Able to stand on the same tile next to the permanent fire and bank.

While there are dozens of cooking sources throughout Old School RuneScape, these top three are the most recommended due to either being extremely close to a bank or providing bonuses to your Cooking rates.

Still, there are a few other locations that you can use:

  • The Cook’s Guild (Requires 32 Cooking & a Chef’s Hat)
  • Mol Ul Rek (TzHaar City) Sulfur Vents (One in the Inner Ring is right next to a bank but requires showing a Fire cape)
  • Al-Kharid Range (Best for Free-to-Play players)

Quests That Reward Cooking Experience

While there aren’t many, a handful of quests reward Cooking experience that you can use to bypass a couple of levels if you desire.

Quest (Cooking Level if Needed) – Cooking Exp Reward

  • Cook’s Assistant (None) – 300 exp
  • Gertrude’s Cat (None) – 1,525 exp
  • Rag and Bone Man I (None) – 500 exp
  • Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf (Lvl 22) – 5k exp
  • Big Chompy Bird Hunting (Lvl 30) – 1,470 exp
  • Tai Bwo Wannai Trio (lvl 30) – 5k exp
  • Heroes’ Quest (Lvl 53) – 2,825 exp
  • Recipe for Disaster (lvl 70) – 28k exp

Items that Aid in Cooking

Chef’s Hat

While it is mostly just a cosmetic, a Chef’s Hat is used to enter the Cooking Guild next to the Grand Exchange, along with 32 Cooking.

Cooking Gauntlets

After completing the “Family Crest” quest, you can choose between one of the Steel Gauntlet variations, one of which is Cooking Gauntlets.

Furthermore, if you complete the “Family Pest” miniquest, you will be able to own the three different variations at the same time.

Cooking Gauntlets reduces the level that prevents burning for fish (Lobsters and above) by between 5-10 levels.

For example, you stop burning Monkfish on a range at 90 Cooking, but if you are wearing Cooking Gauntlets, they will stop burning at 87 Cooking.

Obtaining the Cooking Skillcape

Once you have reached 99 Cooking, congratulations! You can purchase the Cooking Skillcape from the Head Chef in the Cooking Guild.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) - Level 1-99 Cooking Guide - Gamer Empire (6)

While wearing this cape, you will never burn food while cooking! It will also act as a Chef’s Hat when entering the Cooking Guild.

That is how to train Cooking from 1-99 in Old School RuneScape!

Do you have any input or suggestions for this article? Let us know in the comment section below.

Old School RuneScape (OSRS) - Level 1-99 Cooking Guide - Gamer Empire (2024)
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